Its too often that the people who work at what they love get overlooked. Its too often that people work months on end to have nobody see their message. We're fixing that!


This is Az126 and I am the Arizona Eclectic. My mission is to bring you all the artists in Arizona from A to Z. It going to be a long road so come show your support for the talent in your back yard. Come listen in to some interviews! Just click over the pictures above and watch an interview of everyone I have had on the show so far. In our beginning days our goal is to get everyone who to explain what the next step to get Arizona art out there. This is a platform to speak their mind and show the world what they have to offer. Please , comment, like, and subscribe because this isn't just a show for them, this is a show for you and the only requirement to be on this show is follow through. 

Its a good community, so come see what it has to offer.